NanoControl is a low power, wireless measuring unit capable of controlling and regulating it's enviroment.
A working prototype has been developed in a previous master thesis project. This bachelor thesis aims to miniaturize the construction into two cards that fit in an area 46 x 11 mm.
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2.6 Thesis work - Internet of Things FPGA

NanoControl is mainely developed in two thesis projects. The first by Oscar Wahlström resulted in a rapid and functional prototype.  The second by Mattias Näsman and Joakim Larby resulted in a fully functional and miniatyrised electronis unit. Reports for both theisis works can be found in the project blog.

Next step is to build a demo system based on the units controlling model trains. A more technical description can be found
here >>

Intrested to be our thesis worker, we are looking for 1-2 persons. Read about how to apply here >> 

Keywords: Systemdesign, documentation, FPGA, Actel, Microsemi, VHDL
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2.5 Finishing our bachelor project

We have reached the end of our bachelor project with the final presentation which took place during Realtimes montly meeting.

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2.4 A new part

Adding an USB chip to one of our PCBs

2012-05-08Publicerad av: Joakim Larby

2.3 Creating our own Eagle footprints

Using a guide we've managed to create Eagle footprints from scratch

2012-04-24Publicerad av: Mattias Näsman

2.2 PCB Connectors

We finally decided how to connect the PCBs using a connector with a tiny footprint.

2012-04-12Publicerad av: Joakim Larby

2.1 Current measurements and more

We have measured currents through the different components in our design. We've also run into new challenges.

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2 Starting the project

A short introduction to the project

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1 Thesis presentation by Oscar Wahlström

Today Oscar presented his Master thesis during the companys monthly meeting. The presentation concludes his time at RTE.